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Adding binaries to a master or production quality branch I consider a very good practice so that you always have all dependencies ready to deploy from a clean production instance of code.

On Tue, Apr 21, 2015 at PM, bert2 [email protected]: I consider it broken, because the standard behaviour contradicts the Nu Get documentation

You can use the Add-Migration command to write the pending model changes to a code-based migration. Applying explicit migrations: [201202221302479_Car_Top Speed, 201202221335547_Car_Color]. Applying explicit migration: 201202221302479_Car_Top Speed. ALTER TABLE [Cars] ADD [Top Speed] [int] [Inserting migration history record] Applying explicit migration: 201202221335547_Car_Color.

update-database -verbose Using Nu Get project 'Test Lib'. Target database is: 'Cars' (Data Source: ., Provider: System. ALTER TABLE [Cars] ADD [Color] [nvarchar](20) NOT NULL DEFAULT '' [Inserting migration history record] Unable to update database to match the current model because there are pending changes and automatic migration is disabled. Sql Exception (0x80131904): Column names in each table must be unique.

Since it's not the same behavior always I guess this could be a timing issue, where the local workspace might detect a delete only if there is a certain time gap between deleting the file an removing it from the solution - so your test machine is maybe either too slow or too fast.

Subversion is a powerful, open source version control system designed as a replacement for the popular Concurrent Versions System (CVS).

It offers many enhancements to CVS, such as versioned directories and metadata, and is architected for simpler, more flexible network access.

Oracle offers an extension to the JDeveloper IDE, which automates much of the manual work involved with interacting with Subversion.

For a rigorous introduction to Subversion, consult "Version Control with Subversion" at

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